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NEP webinar series

Social and Gender Equity in Education – A Webinar Series Revisiting India’s National Education Policy 2020 from different ideological perspectives


After much deliberation and consultation, the National Education Policy 2020 was passed in Parliament. The policy, however, raises a number of concerns from the social justice point of view, among other areas. To revisit the NEP 2020 from different ideological perspectives, Dialectics is organising the Social and Gender Equity in Education webinar series to look at the policy from the lens of visionaries of modern India.

The first in the series was organised on September 17, 2020 to observe the 142nd birth anniversary of Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy.

Webinar 1 – What if Periyar had Drafted the National Education Policy 2020?

Webinar 2 – Kanshi Ram’s Vision on Education for Social Justice: Potential Challenges from NEP. Date October 9, 2020; Observing 14th Death anniversary of Manyavar

Webinar 3 – Maheshwata Devi and Education for DNT communities: Challenges from NEP. Date October 12, 2020. Observing 150 years of the Criminal Tribes Act, 1871

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