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Demands of Ground Level Panellists in the context of the draft National Education Policy 2017


Are Schools Safe for Children?

An analysis of media reports on crimes against children that appeared between January and December 2017 were analysed to understand issues related to safe schools and safe childhood. These findings were later shared with multiple stakeholders – including children, teachers and school management committee members as well as civil society representatives. The analysis of media reports can be read here.


Are children safe in schools 2017 Post consultation

Are children safe in schools 2018

Praxis has hosted Ground-Level Panels over the past few years to ensure the voices of marginalised groups does not get left out in the race for development.

Here’s how we did it.

The first attempt was a culmination of participatory processes with marginalised groups like sexual minorities and sex workers, urban poor, children and sewerage workers in the Ground-Level Panel of July 2013. The panel submitted 15 goals to the United Nations High-Level Panel on the post-2015 global development framework.

Read report here

The second brought together agricultural communities to talk about the impact of climate change on their lives, livelihoods and agriculture. The panel made recommendations on Climate Change and Agriculture.

Read report here 


In September 2015, once the Sustainable Development Goals were announced, people from diverse marginalised groups such as urban poor, people with disability, children, sex workers, sexual minorities, Dalits, tribals and people from religious minorities reviewed the Goals from the lens of their lived experience.

Read report here

The panels were not a stand-alone process. They were part of participatory research, participatory video processes, digital story making and other such means of engaging with people from the margins.

Read more here (link does not work)

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